Credit Guarantee Schemes (CGSs) have played a major role in mitigating the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, supporting access to finance for the MSMEs especially affected by the pandemic. Building on this strong recognition as key instruments to address financial market failures, CGSs are now in a position to consolidate themselves in light of current and future market developments. In the Mediterranean region, where MSMEs’ access to finance remains particularly challenging, CGSs’ role will be instrumental to ensure that the post-COVID-19 growth is really inclusive and sustainable.

The Euro-Mediterranean Guarantee Network (EMGN) has been working throughout the pandemic with its member and partner institutions to share best practices and experiences to alleviate the region’s structural and current constraints for MSMEs to access to finance. It has become a platform for members to learn, brainstorm and think about the future of Mediterranean guarantee industry.

Against this background, the EMGN will dedicate its second Annual Conference, “The Future of the Credit Guarantee Schemes in the Mediterranean: Opportunities for a Strengthened Role” to discuss ways to consolidate the CGSs, their mission, and their impact on the Mediterranean economies. This virtual event, co-organized by the Credit Guarantee Company (CGC) of Egypt, revolves around three main sessions, assessing the financing needs of SMEs in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis as an introduction, before tackling the need to review & remake the CGSs’ business model, and to upgrade risk-sharing mechanisms.

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