On 5 July 2021, the European Association of Guarantee Institutions (AECM) officially joined the Euro-Mediterranean Guarantee Network (EMGN) as a new associated member. The EMGN’s steering committee approved AECM’s application unanimously, further formalising ties which had already gained strength when EMGN joined AECM as partner a few months ago. EMGN’s members will benefit from the exchange of knowledge with a network that gathers more than 48 member organisations operating in 30 countries.

AECM is the second associated member of the network, together with the Global Network of Guarantee Institutions (GNGI).

Institutions other than Credit Guarantee Schemes from the North and South Mediterranean, CGS from other regions outside the Mediterranean, international institutions, CGS networks from other regions, and other organisations willing to cooperate with EMGN are invited to join the network as Associated Members. Associated Members can join the six-monthly meetings and annual conferences held by EMGN, and take part in activities of the network.

For more information regarding AECM, please visit: https://aecm.eu/